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Go Ask Alice! Wins National Awards for Excellence!

Over the years Go Ask Alice! had earned a variety of national awards.  Here are a few examples:Web Health Award Logo

  • Web Health Award, Bronze Level, 2009
  • Best Practices in College Health Award, American College Health Association, 2007
  • Gold Excellence Award for Health, Wellness, & Counseling, NASPA, 2007
  • Grand Gold Award, NASPA, 2007
  • HEDIR Technology Award, 1998

Go Ask Alice! accepts these awards with great pride and appreciation, and looks forward to continuing to provide excellent health information and education online.

Go Ask Alice! according to the research

A number of independent studies have been conducted over the years that included Go Ask Alice! Here are few examples of what researchers had to say about our work:

  • A study from the University of Pittsburgh presented at the 2011 iConference and published in Online Information Review noted that 59% of the hyperlinks to health information from blogs and other sites reviewed were to Go Ask Alice!
  • A Stanford University study published in January/February 2010 Knowledge Quest: Journal of the American Association of School Librarians lists Go Ask Alice! first among websites for reputible and credible reproductive health information for adolescents on the web.
  • In a 2009 chapter published in Pediatric Informatics, Go Ask Alice! is listed as recommended website for adolescent health.
  • Information from Go Ask Alice! is cited in a 2007 article in the British Medical Journal discussing hookah use.
  • Go Ask Alice! is described as "one of the most useful sites in a health educator's book of tricks," in a 2007 article published in the journal Health Promotion Practice.
  • A University of Michigan study published in the December 2000 Health Education & Behavior journal names Go Ask Alice! number one for access to specific sexual health information on the Internet.

Additionally, Go Ask Alice!  has been included in academic research including doctoral dissertations and many other student research projects.


Alice! Hooked Up With MTV to Promote Sexual Health

As part of MTV's (Music Television's) Fight For Your Rights: Protect Yourself sexual health awareness campaign, Go Ask Alice! moderated the message board on the Web site dedicated to this effort. Alice! linked readers to archived Go Ask Alice! questions on sexual health, sexuality, relationships, and other topics, for facts, perspectives, and resources related to issues discussed on the message boards. Kaiser Family Foundation, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Advocates for Youth, and Planned Parenthood are also Fight For Your Rights: Protect Yourself partners.

Other Media Moments

"No inquiry is too sick, or too stupid. Alice is smart, funny, non-judgmental, and serves it straight." Details

"...its archives include authoritative entries on everything from Alzheimer's disease to loud grunting at the gym..." Newsweek

"Ask your most awkward questions with complete privacy. The answers are frank, comprehensive, and scrupulously researched." Rolling Stone

"...a great place to find frank talk about sexual health issues." The Oprah Magazine

"The website goes unabashedly where few other reputable health sites dare to go. If you have questions about your twitching eyelids or whether microwaving in plastic pollutes your food, Alice is the one to ask... Alice is supportive, non-judgmental, straight-talking, and unflappable." Alaska Airlines

"Alice combines helpful information with a personal irreverent tone" The Wall Street Journal