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Health Information Sheets

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Sometimes all you need is "just the facts, ma'am."*  To help provide increased access to basic health topic information, Alice! has partnered with Columbia Health to provide the information sheets available below.  Over time we will continue to add new and updated information sheets to this site.  You can also suggest new topics for information sheets using the Comments, Corrections, and Other Feedback form.

The sheets provided here are for information only. Go Ask Alice! provides health information and should not be considered specific medical advice, a diagnosis, treatment, or a second opinion for health conditions. If you have an existing ailment that could be adversely affected by information provided on this site, or if you have an urgent health problem, consult with a health care provider before acting on information contained here. Go Ask Alice! is not an instant reply service and cannot respond directly to individuals.

All information sheets are provided as PDF documents and require Acrobat Reader to view. Please visit the Adobe Reader website to download this free software.

Alcohol & Other Drugs | Emotional Health | General Health |
Nutrition & Physical ActivityRelationships | Sexual & Reproductive Health


Alcohol & Other Drugs

Alcohol Fact Sheet

Avoiding a Hangover

Caffeine and Physical Activity


Emotional Health

How to Help a Friend


General Health

Coping with and Preventing Stress

How to be Physically Active

Cold Care


Nutrition & Physical Activity

Caffeine and Physical Activity

Making Balanced Choices About Food



Communicating and Relating


Sexual & Reproductive Health




* quotation attributed to Sgt. Joe Friday from the US television show Dragnet.  We know that the character didn't actually say this line on the show.