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Thanks for visiting Go Ask Alice! to find accurate, reliable, accessible, and culturally-competent health information and a range of thoughtful perspectives.  In this section of the site you will find resources, information sheets, links to health stories from the news, health alerts and recalls, and our emergency page.  Please note that much of this section of the site is optimized for the students of Columbia University; however, we thought you might find it useful as well.

Health Resources

Organized into Columbia and non-Columbia sections, check this section for both off- and online resources to assist with a broad spectrum of health topics and concerns.  If you've got a suggestion for us to consider adding to the resources page, please send it along via our comments form.


Health Alerts and Recalls

Check out this page to see recent recalls and alerts related to health. We will periodically update the page with the newest information to keep you in the loop. Be sure to come back often to see the most up to date announcements.


Health in the News

To help you stay connected to the latest research findings and breakthroughs in the field of health, the health promotion specialists at Alice! will be posting relevant and timely news stories to this section. Browse the page to stay current on health developments or click the links to find out more. Alice! will be sure to keep you posted! And, please, come back often.


Information Sheets

Sometimes all you need is "just the facts, ma'am." To help provide increased access to basic health topic information, Alice! has partnered with our collaborators in Columbia Health to provide information sheets on a range of topics. Over time we will continue to add new and updated information sheets to this site. You can also suggest new topics for information sheets using the Comments, Corrections, and Other Feedback form.


In an Emergency

Go Ask Alice! is not an emergency site or system.  We are also not an instant or individual response site.  If this is an emergency, please use the resources listed on this page to help you find the assistance you need.  The page lists emergency resources for Columbia Morningside Campus and Medical Center Campus students as well as non-Columbia students.