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Have Alice! Come to You

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One of Alice!'s goals is to make health information more accessible.  Did you know that Alice! can also come to you.  We offer several different ways to bring Alice! directly to your life.


Are you a fan of Go Ask Alice! on Facebook?  Like our page and you'll get health updates, the weekly new and updated questions, and occasional resources in your newsfeed.  You can also share every page on Go Ask Alice! via Facebook using the like and share buttons throughout the site.


Alice! Health Promotion at Columbia University, sponsor of Go Ask Alice!, is also on Twitter.  Each week we tweet the new and updated Q&As, health alerts, new information, and tips to support a healthy life.


You can now get the newly posted Go Ask Alice! question and answer titles sent to your e-mail box automatically each week for free.  Click on a title and you'll go directly and anonymously to that new Q&A. You'll also get a link to Go Ask Alice!'s new Theme of the Week, plus occasional Alice! news you can use to meet your work and personal health goals.


You can now get the newly posted and updated Go Ask Alice! question and answer titles displayed on your website automatically each week for free. Click on a question title and your site visitors will go directly and anonymously to that Q&A. You'll also get a link to the Go Ask Alice! home page via the clickable logo.

With thousands of sites already linking to us, we wanted to make access to the new and updated content even easier; plus this adds unique and regularly updated content to your site. We hope this content feed will help Go Ask Alice! provide even better health information for decades to come and support the health information and resource needs of your site visitors.

Please note that Alice! Health Promotion, Columbia University will have sole discretion to approve requests for Get Alice! On Your Website. No website is guaranteed to be granted the code and permission. Additionally, if your request is approved, a fully signed letter of agreement is required.