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Go Ask Alice! History

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Go Ask Alice!, Columbia University’s renowned health question and answer Internet resource has proudly been bringing you quality content since 1993. Over the years, we've answered thousands of questions on everything from antidepressants, to eating right, to yawning. Many readers have inquired about our history, and we're pleased to provide some highlights.

The timeline below depicts the history of Go Ask Alice!, from its birth in 1993 as the first health Q&A web site of its kind, to its mass market book publication debut in 1998, to its present day renewal to help maintain its cutting edge appeal and to keep it at the head of the class. As you can see, Go Ask Alice! has been influential to and influenced by higher education, health professions, the media, society and culture, and, of course, its international readership.

Although Go Ask Alice! has changed on the surface, underneath it all, you will find that the well-researched content will still enable you to make informed decisions about your health. As Go Ask Alice! forges ahead into the future, you can continue to rely upon the site as one of the leading providers of accurate, accessible, reliable, and culturally-competent health information on the Internet.

Original Go Ask Alice! Logo

Go Ask Alice! begins. Initially only available to Columbia students.          

Go Ask Alice! goes live on the internet, likely making us the oldest major health Q&A site on the web.

Go Ask Alice! publishes the 1000th Q&A.

Syndication of Go Ask Alice! Q&As in campus newspapers and other print sources around the country begins.

Go Ask Alice! cited in U.S. Supreme Court case on free speech on the internet.

1998Go Ask Alice Book of Answers picture
The Go Ask Alice! Book of Answers is published and the site gets an overhaul and updated look.

Go Ask Alice! is recognized with its first major award, the HEDIR Technology Award presented in conjunction with the American Public Health Association.

The American Library Association recommends Go Ask Alice! as a web resource on health information for young adults.

2000Get Alice in Your Box original logo
You no longer have rush to your web browser to check out the new and updated Q&As. Get Alice! in Your Box (our weekly e-mail) starts.

Go Ask Alice! teams up with MTV in their Fight For Your Rights sexual health campaign.

Go Ask Alice! celebrates 10 wonderful years and Get Alice! In Your Box has subscribers from 190 countries.

2004Go Ask Alice! logo 2006-2012
The Go Ask Alice! website gets a new look.

The new update and review quality assurance process is launched.

Go Ask Alice! wins the Best Practices in College Health Award from the American College Health Association and the Grand Gold Award for outstanding work in health and wellness from NASPA: Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education.

2009Web Health Award logo
Go Ask Alice! wins a Web Health Award and also joins Facebook. Are you a fan?

An independent study from Stanford University lists Go Ask Alice! first among websites for accurate reproductive health information on the web. The study was published in Knowledge Quest: Journal of the American Association of School Librarians.

2011Current Go Ask Alice! logo
Go Ask Alice! turns 18 and the site gets a brand new look. Included are new features, more interaction, better integration with social media, and a widget to have Go Ask Alice! new Q&As automatically display on other websites.

More than 1.7 million people visit the site each month.

2012Healthline best of the web logo
Go Ask Alice! is named one of the best sites on the web for STD & HIV information by Healthline.

The site was visited more than 22 million times in 2012.  Thanks for reading!

Healthline best of the web logo for 2013

Once again Go Ask Alice! is named best of the web by Healthline.  Two years in a row!

Go Ask Alice! proudly celebrates 20 years of answering your questions. We hope you will keep asking!

For the third consecutive year Go Ask Alice! is name best of the web by HealthlineHealthline Best of the Web 2014

Readership continues to rise with over 4 million people a month visiting the site!  Thanks.  We love you too!