Getting an erection after ejaculating (the full story)

Originally Published: November 1, 1994 - Last Updated / Reviewed On: November 12, 2010
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(1) Dear Alice,

I have trouble getting an erection after ejaculating. I wait 10-20 minutes, but it doesn't get too hard. It sometimes annoys my girlfriend. Is there anything I can do besides waiting till the next day?

-One Shot Wonder

(2) Dear Alice,

Are there methods through which men can regain their erection quickly following orgasm?

-Back for more

(3) Dear Alice,

I'm not really sure how to ask this question, so I'll try my best. I know that there is a certain period of time in which a man has to "recharge" after he cums. And I was wondering what the time period is before a man is "fully loaded" again, if there is any at all. Sincerely,

-Very Curious

Dear One Shot Wonder,

After men ejaculate, they enter a refractory period during which they cannot be restimulated to orgasm. Women do not have a refractory period, and may be stimulated to another orgasm immediately after having had one. The length of time the refractory period lasts differs from man to man. Please see Regain erection after orgasm? for more information. You also need to share this information with your girlfriend so that she doesn't set you up to "perform" in manners that are unrealistic. Remember, there are many other things that you can do sexually with your girlfriend without having an erect penis. Get creative!