Originally Published: February 24, 1995 - Last Updated / Reviewed On: July 9, 1998
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What is the "G-spot" on a woman and where is it?


Dear Vaginal,

The G-spot has been identified as a sensitive area right behind the front wall of the vagina, between the back of the pubic bone and the cervix. (A man's "G-spot" is his prostate.) When this spot is stimulated during touching or sex, some women's orgasms are accompanied by "ejaculate" from the urethra. Ernst Grafenberg, who first wrote about female ejaculatory fluid in 1950, stated that fluid expelled by women during orgasm was not urine, as was the common belief, but, instead, secretions which are similar to a man's ejaculate minus sperm.

There is an ongoing debate over whether such an anatomical feature actually exists. Erogenous zones vary from woman to woman. The term G-spot is often used generically by both women and men as a label for a woman's most sensitive spot within the genital area. For some women, there doesn't seem to be any specific spot in their vaginas that is sensitive to stimulation. For others, the G-spot is quite real, with evidence to prove it.