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Fun Stuff

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Who doesn't want to have some fun when online?  We know most of our readers come to us because of our long history of providing reliable, accurate, updated, culturally-competent information and a range of thoughtful perspectives.  We also know that you can have some fun and learn at the same time.  Check out the collection of fun stuff we've gathered for you.

Quick Quizzes

Do you know what you think you know? Check out the variety of quick quizes that have been developed just for you, our readers. Each quick quiz is no more than 10 questions (multiple choice or true/false) and you will get feedback at the end of each quick quiz. As with our site, you can do these anonymously and we provide related questions & answers for each question and the quick quiz as a whole. Don't forget that you can e-mail quizes to friends and share them online in over 300 places.


Each week Go Ask Alice! publishes a theme.  Sometimes on the serious side, sometimes on the funny side, sometimes based on a song lyric we heard this week.  Check out the current theme along with several of the most recently posted themes.


Go Ask Alice! posts bi-weekly polls so that we can hear from you!  Visit our polls page to register your vote and see several of the most recent polls.  Each poll also features links to related questions from our extensive Q&A library.

Raves & Rants

Have something to say about Go Ask Alice!? Check out a collection of comments submitted by our readers.  We proudly include both the raves for our work and the rants related to our efforts.  You can also submit your own feedback and comments.

Go Ask Alice! Book of Answers

In the early days of the internet , Columbia University's award-winning Go Ask Alice! health Q & A Internet resource became confidant, advisor, and friend to millions of readers in search of accurate and nonjudgmental health information online. In an effort to make our resources more available we published the Go Ask Alice! Book of Answers in 1998.  While it's been a number of years, the book is still available from your favorite book retailer.  The questions from the site that were included in the book have been updated, and many hundreds of new questions have been added to the site so please be sure to check out our Q&A library for the most up to date information.