Foaming after sex

Originally Published: September 22, 2000 - Last Updated / Reviewed On: November 11, 2011
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Hey Alice,

Today my partner and I were having sex and he "released" himself inside me. After sex, he began using a dildo on me until I was satisfied. Well, after going in and out of me real hard and fast, a foam-like substance began to appear. The foam was exactly like hair mousse. I am not on any type of birth control (he has a vasectomy), and I was recently tested for STDs a couple of months ago and everything was fine. Could you please tell me what this may have been from!

Thanks, Freaked Out!

Dear Freaked Out!,

Most likely all you and your partner did was combine two art forms: The Joy of Sex meets The Joy of Cooking. The main ingredient in this recipe is semen. (Guys who've had vasectomies produce semen without sperm. For more information about vasectomies, read Male contraceptives? and Reversible vasectomy in Alice's Sexual Health archive.) Semen is loaded with protein, a pinch of sugar, and a dash of salt. The dildo and your boyfriend's enthusiastic "mixing" inside of you acted just like a kitchen whisk.

What are you "freaked out" about? At times, we're surprised when something unanticipated occurs. Maybe you were expecting drips or drops instead of hair mousse. Also consider the following questions: Have you noticed any changes health wise in you or your boyfriend since you recently got the all clear from your health care provider? Anything different about his semen or your vaginal fluids? Different smells, color, consistency, and/or taste? If you are still concerned, speak with a health care provider to make sure that what the two of you whipped up is nothing more than a juicy sex smoothie.