Does Alice respond directly to inquirers?

Originally Published: January 15, 1999 - Last Updated / Reviewed On: June 16, 2011
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(1) Dear Alice,

If you answer a question on your web site, do you also send the answer to the individual? Which is to ask, do I need to keep checking in to see if you've answered my question?

(2) Dear Alice,

Did you receive my question from Sunday? If so, do you give individual responses?

(3)Hi Alice,

Is it possible that you answer a question privately? In other words, can I be sure that my question won't be posted on the Internet, and still get my answer?

—lonely grad student

Dear Reader #1, Reader #2, and lonely grad student,

As important as each of your questions are, Go Ask Alice! is not an immediate or direct response site and unfortunately is not able to provide individual responses. The site can be used, however, to look up telephone hotlines and fax numbers, as well as website addresses of service organizations that are equipped to give rapid answers.

Also, the Go Ask Alice! site has a wealth of stored information, ready to be opened and read. The questions answered by Go Ask Alice! are available so you can search through the archives for a possible answer to your question. Whether you're interested in health issues related to alcohol and other drugs, fitness and nutrition, emotional health, sexuality, sexual health, relationships, or general health, there is a lot of helpful information available here.

Checking back regularly is your best bet if you'd like to see whether or not your question has been answered and posted on the website. Using the site's search engine (accessed by using the SEARCH page or on the homepage or search box at the top left of every page on the site) will be the quickest way to find out. The titles of questions are usually named using at least one key word from the main topic of the question. Even if the key word(s) that you enter are not in the title that has been created, a list of Q&As with those key words in the text will appear. The search engine scans all of the Go Ask Alice! categories, so there's no need to figure out where your question has been placed.

Best of luck finding the information you need! And if your question hasn't been answered here, you can always ask again....