Does Alice provide personal email responses?

Originally Published: November 15, 1996 - Last Updated / Reviewed On: September 2, 2014
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Dear Alice,

Did you receive my question from Sunday? If so, do you give individual responses?

Dear Reader,

As important as your question is, Go Ask Alice! is not able to provide individual responses. You see, Go Ask Alice! receives volumes of questions each and every day from loyal readers — more questions than all the health care providers in New York could answer in a month full of Sundays! All work and no play could lead to an untimely demise — something that readers, hopefully, would not want to happen.

But don't feel down — Go Ask Alice!  has stored a wealth of information, ready to be opened and read. The questions answered by Go Ask Alice! are available so you can search through the archives for a possible answer to your question. The search box is located in the top right corner of every page, next to the blue Ask Alice! question mark. Whether you're interested in health issues related to Alcohol & Other Drugs, Emotional Health, General Health, Nutrition & Physical Activity, Relationships, or Sexual & Reproductive Health, there is lots of helpful information available here.

Best of luck in finding the information you need! If you have an urgent medical question, it's best to seek in-person help from your regular health care provider or urgent care facility. Columbia students can make an appointment with a health care provider by contacting Medical Services on the Morningside campus or the Student Health Service on the Medical Center campus.

Thanks for visiting,