Do-it-yourself potion for inexpensive hair removal

Originally Published: May 3, 2002 - Last Updated / Reviewed On: August 5, 2008
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I am a female with chest hair. It is not a lot, but it is enough for me to feel self-conscious when it comes to intimacy with a guy. I don't have the money for expensive hair removal and would find it quite embarrassing as well. How should I handle this? What should I do?

Sincerely, Going Crazy

Dear Going Crazy,

Lots of women experience hair growth on their chests, especially around the nipple area. Hair growth can fluctuate with changes in your menstrual cycle or with pregnancy.

Since you're looking for a hair removal technique that's inexpensive and that can be done at home, sugaring might work for you. Sugaring, often used in Africa, has experienced a huge surge in popularity recently, because of a few new products that have come to the market. The products may be new, but the technique of using warm sugar or honey pastes to grab and remove unwanted hair has been around since the Pharaohs thousands of years ago.

Sugar paste can be made and used at home. Here's how:

  • Mix the juice of half a lemon with one cup of sugar and a ¼ cup of honey.
  • Heat the ingredients in the microwave or on the stovetop until they're boiling. Be sure to stir occasionally so that the ingredients don't burn.
  • Let the mixture cool. This takes a while, but patience is important. Molten sugar will cause trauma that'll make a fuzzy chest seem minor.
  • Wash and dry your skin to remove excess oil before you apply the sugar.
  • Once the sugar has cooled down to room temperature, spread a thin layer on the desired area with a plastic spatula or popsicle stick.
  • Smooth a thin piece of cotton cloth (strips cut from sheets work well, too) over the sugar. Rub the strip in the direction of the hair growth several times.
  • Hold the surrounding skin tightly with one hand and grab the end of the cotton strip, quickly pulling the cloth away from your body, in the direction opposite hair growth (this is more important on legs and underarms than on chests).
  • Repeat the application and removal of the sugar until all of the unwanted hair is gone. You may have some red bumps that last for a few hours after you've finished. This is normal.

If the paste gets too cool to spread, you can reheat it; just be sure to let it cool to body temperature. Sugaring should keep hair off for six to eight weeks, and you may notice that re-growth is finer and less coarse.