Dancing for health

Originally Published: November 12, 1999 - Last Updated / Reviewed On: March 16, 2012
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Dear Alice,

I was just wondering if you could tell me some of the benefits of dancing to your wellness? Could you send me some places to get information about dancing benefits?

Dear Reader,

According to researchers at the Mayo Clinic, social dancing provides the body with many health benefits. It may help reduce stress, increase energy, and improve strength, muscle tone, and coordination. Dancing can also burn as many calories as walking or riding a bike. One factor that determines how many calories you will use is the distance you travel while grooving to the beat. In one study, researchers found that square dancers covered five miles in a single evening. That's a lot of do-si-doing!

Other aspects of dance that contribute to your cardiovascular conditioning depend on how long, how often, and how intensely or vigorously you boogie and get down. The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) recognizes the benefits of dance in lowering coronary heart disease risk, decreasing blood pressure, and managing weight. Another plus of dancing is that the weight bearing movements of your steps can strengthen the bones of your legs and hips, important for maintaining bone health as you age. As a result, dancing may be used as part of a rehabilitation program, of course with appropriate supervision.

While we may not all be hip-hopping into our nineties, dancing is one activity we can (hopefully) do for the rest of our lives... and the sociability it provides is part of its allure. It's a great way to make new friends, be creative and expressive, and just plain old enjoy life. And, the best part of dancing is the fun you can have while you're doing something great for your body.

Whatever your preference, there's sure to be a style to get your toes tappin'! Whether it's belly dancing, funk, swing, ballet, jazz, tap, square, hip-hop, the hustle, the tango, or modern dance, classes are popping up all over. Columbia students can join one of numerous student dance clubs (ballroom, latin, swing, oh my!). Visit the Clubs & Organizations page for more information. In addition, you can contact your local gym, YW/YMCA, recreation/community center, or dance studio to see what they offer.

Well, now that you know that dancing is good for you, put on your dancin' shoes and cut a rug!