Dear Alice,

I cannot stop fantasizing about having sex with very old women. I recently picked up a 65-year-old in a bar and had the best orgasm of my life with her. I am 40 and now can't stop thinking of geriatric sex — is there something wrong with me and if not, where can I meet more likeminded pensioners?

Dear Reader,

There's certainly nothing wrong with forty- and sixtysomethings, or GenX'ers and octogenarians, getting it on as long as all involved are caring and consenting. Big age differences between partners raises eyebrows because it's not the "norm." Many people don't want to imagine or accept that older people are sexual and sexually desired, or suspect that the younger halfs are in it for the money or impending inheritance. You, and hopefully your partner, enjoyed your time together, so it sounds like hanging around at your local senior center would be a good idea.

On- and off-line dating services are available where you can search for older women who fancy youngsters like yourself, and vice-versa. And, if you place a personal ad in the Miami Herald or the Scottsdale Tribune, your phone would probably ring off the hook. Where else? Try continuing ed classes, bookstores, libraries, the supermarket, health clubs, town meetings, political events, and definitely at the polls on Election Day.

One more piece of advice: you might avoid the words "very old women" in your quest for senior sex. (Besides, 65-years-young would be considered mature or older, not very old.) Some of these women you lust after might take offense to this description, especially those who can outperform you in more ways than one.


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