I love the information you provide! But it seems as if things are getting a little boring? I recall that you used to be wittier, funnier, and more entertaining. And now, although you answer questions thoroughly, I feel like the Alice personality has been lost! Alice, please don't let down your loyal readers!

Dear Reader,

Yes, it's true that, overall, the guffaw factor in site pages is lower lately, but certainly not gone altogether.

Go Ask Alice!'s goal is to increase access to accurate, reliable, balanced, and culturally relevant health info on a variety of issues while respecting the situation(s) and emotion(s) that may accompany the question. Sometimes there can be humor, and sometimes the health issue is not a laughing matter. This poses a challenge for writers who believe that laughter, where appropriate, is pretty good medicine, and to readers who get off on a good giggle. Take nutrition, for example: "Is that a partly-ripened banana in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?" Well, that may be amusing, but Go Ask Alice! replies are based on real queries.

Talking about serious subjects is just as important as maintaining funny bone density.

Thanks for your thoughts,


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