Dear Alice,

Have you ever heard of vaginal farts? Well, most every time I have sex, especially in certain positions, air seems to get pushed inside of me and what happens sounds suspiciously like a fart. It's embarrassing. Any way to prevent this and does this happen to other women?


Dear Desperate,

Yes, it does happen to other women, and yes, it can be embarrassing! Vaginal "farts," or "varts" as another reader once named them, occur when air gets into your vagina during arousal, penetration, and even exercise. During arousal, the vagina lengthens and the uterus moves, creating more air space. Often, the "fart" occurs when the walls of the vagina and uterus return to their unaroused positions. Extra lube may make the difference. You also may want to stay away from certain positions for a while, to spare yourself the embarrassment. Your other option is to say something like "It's awfully drafty in here," to distract your and your partner's attention from the noise. Or, just say, "Excuse me."



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