Dear Alice,

As young girls, my friend and I discovered that the simple activity of shimmying up the pole at the playground would produce a wonderful tingling feeling! Later, we realized that this was probably sexual in nature! Is this type of activity a common occurrence among youngsters? Could the simple muscular tension involved cause orgasms?

Dear Reader,

Is this type of behavior common for kids? Yes. Children and infants have been known to touch or rub their genitals for pleasure. However, this type of masturbation is not sexual in nature. Touching their genitals is just one way kids learn about their bodies. Also, young children rarely have sexual fantasies, they just know what feels good.  Movements that give pleasurable sensations are common for youngsters (as well as for oldsters).

Can it cause orgasm? Yes. If the sensations are intense enough, muscle tension and/or clitoral stimulation (or penile stimulation in males) can and does cause arousal, pleasure, and orgasm.


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