(1) Dear Alice,

I have had acid coming up my throat from my stomach for the last 3 weeks. It comes up and just burns my throat. What is it? Do I have an ulcer? By the way, I get 3 hours of sleep a night, and my roommate doesn't help the situation.






Dear Alice,

I have recently asked you about my would be ulcer. I shall pose the question again. Lately I have this damn acid coming up my throat. I've been under a lot of stress and have strange sleeping habits. I am also drinking a lot of coffee. I drink about 5 cups of coffee a day and my roommate isn't exactly stress relieving. I go to bed about 3:30am and wake up about 5:45am for crew. Am I dying? Do I have an ulcer? What's wrong with me?


Deathly Ill

Dear Ulcer & Deathly Ill,

Whether you have an ulcer, indigestion, gastric reflux, or some other ailment, you can jumpstart your health by cutting down on your coffee consumption, getting more sleep, eating small frequent meals, exercising regularly, managing stress, and seeing a health care provider who can examine, assess, and diagnose your concerns. You can also learn more about ulcer symptoms, causes, and what you can do to help them, by checking out Ulcers and Stress and the stomach — how do I avoid getting an ulcer? in the Go Ask Alice! general health archives.

The symptoms you describe may be linked to an ulcer or another health condition — only a health care provider can give you a diagnosis. When you see your health care provider, you can discuss not only the acid coming up your throat, but the other contributing factors you mentioned in your email. Your roommate conflict may be having more impact on your health than you think. Resident Advisors (RAs) can help with resolving roommate conflicts, and they are a resource for you. A registered dietitian suggested by your health care provider can develop a practical, appealing, and healthy eating plan, taking into account your particular eating patterns, preferences, and tastes. S/he can also help you manage your coffee/caffeine intake and can answer your food and health-related questions.

You can access your school's health services, see your own health care provider, or visit your local health clinic or urgent care facility. And of course, any reader who is truly "deathly ill" should call 911 and/or go to an emergency room.


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