Hi Alice,

I am a man that shaves his testicles and trims the rest of his pubic hair fairly short. I have looked everywhere and cannot find an answer to my question. Since this is a rather tedious chore, I was wondering if there are any barbers that specialize or who on the side cut pubic hair. I would rather pay to have someone do it every few weeks. Thank You.

Dear Reader,

What about washing, drying, coloring, relaxing, and styling? Move over Starbucks, your idea could go global before Vidal Sassoon can say: "Are we going short today?" "Do you want to wear it up or down?" "This cut really shows the fullness of your testicles (or lips)." "Mousse?"

Actually, there are specialists who trim, cut, shave, et. al., body and pubic hair. They often advertise themselves in magazines and newspapers under the headings "body work" and "personal grooming." Don't run for Time or Newsweek — you're more likely find them listed in smaller, more specialized health, beauty, lifestyle, recreation, and entertainment publications. Spas and some health clubs might also employ pros who do dos down there (such as bikini waxes for women). You would be wise to ask if they sterilize equipment just like your head haircutter must do.

Partners can also double as barbers for those who feel that some things are better done at home by people who get to see your pubes on a regular basis.


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