Dear Alice,

I keep reading that it's not the size of the penis that counts, but what he does with it. Other than the "in and out," what is there? This is not meant to be a cheesy question. Thanks!

Dear Reader,

What you keep hearing is often uttered with this proverb, too: "It's not the size of the ship, but the motion of the ocean." Both are saying that a man can use his penis to caress, tease, and entice. Once inside his partner, he can swivel his hips up down and all around, move in and out at different speeds, and apply different pressures with his body. Doing so can take a penis of any size out of the mix, or at least out of the spotlight, as there's so much else to do, feel, and enjoy.

You can watch this motion in action on the dance floor; dances such as the rhumba, mambo, and tango, and a little "bumping and grinding," can be passionate ways of relating. And, let's not forget that "hot" talk, touching, kissing, eye contact, tongue action, and so much more can complement whatever the penis and its close neighbors are up to.

So, you read correctly: no matter what the penis size, couples can rock the boat, by expanding their repertoire, and ride the waves of pleasure that will surely result.


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