Dear Alice,

I play tennis at a high level in India. But I masturbate and somehow my friends have come to know and tease me on it. I wanted to know does masturbation have any bad effects and especially on sportspeople? Please reply my question as I feel very guilty after doing it. Thank you!

Dear Reader,

Maybe a repetitive motion injury could result from frequent and vigorous solo sex, but, in this case, your guilt about masturbating is much more likely to put a crimp in your game. As a sportsperson, you know how vital it is to concentrate on practicing and playing your sport. If concerns about masturbation are distracting your attention, then your game will surely suffer. The desire to stimulate yourself, and the handball match itself, are a normal part of human sexuality. Choose to accept this fact (of course, many cultural and religious teachings make this a difficult challenge), and you've won the mental match. After that, masturbating might release tension, allowing you to more fully focus on your tennis game. In this way, solo sex is probably performance enhancing. Alice would bet 200 rupees that your friends are masturbating, too. In fact, their teasing may be their way of covering up their own guilty feelings. It's your game and match, so play on.


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