Dear Alice,

I have asked this question to many sites with no response, but came (sorry :) upon your site which seems to be willing to post just about any question and answer them too, so here goes:

Is there a laxative effect of ingested ejaculate, or is it ALL in my head (oh gosh, another one :) ? I have found that when I ingest my own ejaculate, almost invariably within a matter of a few minutes, I have loose bowels.

Dear Reader,

Though others may have found this question hard to swallow (ahem), the balls it took to pose this query is greatly appreciated. Unfortunately, there is a shortage of information available on ejaculate's laxative effects. However, there are entire cookbooks dedicated to semen-based recipes such as Natural Harvest by Fotie Photenhauer, so you are not alone in this gastronomic preference. And if these cum cuisiniers had similar reactions to yours, it seems unlikely they would have had the motivation to write an entire book.

While male ejaculate consists of fructose sugar, water, and a variety of other proteins, none of its components are considered to have natural laxative properties. In fact, ejaculate is non-toxic and safe to ingest even in large quantities, though cumming—er...coming into contact with that much is unlikely (men usually ejaculate one to two teaspoons at a time). One study conducted by North Carolina State University even suggested that women who ingested ejaculate one to two times per week on average over a ten year period actually had lower incidence of breast cancer. Although this doesn't directly apply to you, it underscores the idea that spunk, jizz, happy juice, whatever you choose to call it, is not dirty. In fact, having a taste here and there might actually improve your health.

There is a very slight chance, however, that your loose bowels are a sign that you are allergic to your ejaculate. Adverse reactions are generally confined to skin irritation, but if you are concerned, consider contacting a health care provider.

So next time you're partaking in the one-handed sexual slip 'n' slide, perhaps try spitting rather than swallowing to avoid the unwanted backside slip 'n' slide. And, as always, keep the questions cumming!

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