Hey Alice,

How about tailoring the information you provide for ALL of Columbia, not just the Morningside Heights campus? There are more of us up here at the Health Sciences Campus, and many have no idea what this "4" business is before the telephone extensions. Please don't act like such unfeeling entities as the authors of the Columbia Guide to NY and Rudy Guiliani, and ignore everything and everyone in Washington Heights!

Yours, A representative of the other Columbia

Dear A Representative of the other Columbia,

Go Ask Alice! is supported and operated out of Health Services at Columbia on the Morningside Heights campus. Health Services is funded primarily through student fees that are automatically assessed with tuition paid by students who attend classes at the Morningside Heights location. As a result, much of the info provided is tailored to these students' needs. However, the answers on Go Ask Alice! are written to be as inclusive as possible, so that the information and resources are helpful to practically any reader. If you need specific health care info or urgent medical attention, contact the Health Sciences campus Health Services on 168th St. at x7-3400.

As far as the telephone extensions go, you're not the first to express having no idea about them. To help clear up the confusion, on the back page of any Columbia directory is a list of how to dial the various campuses from anywhere within the University. You can also call a University operator for assistance with this. In case you don't have these sources on hand, to dial an extension at Morningside from the Health Sciences campus, press 151, then x4-####.


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