Hi Alice,

This is a very informative site. Maybe your male colleagues can help with this one. I once heard a guy say that "a man has to position himself." I have noticed guys adjusting and have always wondered why. I have also found that I am turned on by this. Have other women reported feeling this way?

Feeling Puzzled and Weird

Dear Feeling Puzzled and Weird,

Girl, you must go crazy watching professional baseball!

No, don't think that any past inquirers have admitted getting a rise from genital adjustment, but you can't be the only one who responds this way. More than the actual reshuffling itself, it's probably the hand-in-pubic-zone thing that heats up your loins. After all, there's gotta be a reason besides discomfort or jock itch that gets Ricky, Madonna, lil' Kim, et al. to grab their goody bags to the delight of adoring fans.

Rock on,


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