Alice annoys former adult video actor with important questions

Originally Published: February 26, 1999
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Dear Alice,

I am the former adult video actor. I believe I had some legitimate questions that begged for answers. I chose to ask them here because I would be embarrassed in any other forum. And yet my plea fell on deaf ears and was snubbed like any other everyday query. You're either a jealous male who can't get any or a female prude. Shame on you Alice!

Los Angeles

Dear Los Angeles,

Your questions were legitimate and worthy of answers, as are most inquiries Alice receives. Alice answers questions based on a number of factors, including whether or not a similar query was previously addressed, and the question's fit within Go Ask Alice!'s seven topic categories (responses with specific and individualized medical treatments for cancer or HIV, for example, are rarely given as one-to-one contact with a live health care provider is usually the better way to get this kind of information). Searching this and other health-related sites can provide answers and/or leads to other on- and off-line resources, but we shouldn't forget that human professionals, like nurses, doctors, and counselors, can also satisfy our needs -- often faster than Internet pages.

The legitimate embarrassment that can paralyze us to the point of not asking our health care providers questions, or going without treatment of a serious problem, is no laughing matter. Alice would not get nearly as many questions if worries about what others think of us, or guilt (justified or not) about something we've done, weren't such common, understandable concerns. Reliance solely on Alice and other virtual helpers is often not the best medicine, and that's why Go Ask Alice! provides various kinds of embarrassment-busting advice in her archives.